Art to Wear 5 - Mascha Mioni


Art to Wear Jewelry by Mascha Mioni

Fotos: Carlos Rieder
Styling: Chantal René

To see the jewelry, which I created as part of my Art to Wear work, worn by people like you and me, people with whom I share daily sorrow and happiness, everyday life, and - together with Carlos Rieder - capture this photographically, gave us wonderful moments together. These pictures share these moments.
The photographs are a symbiosis of faces, tanned by the experience of time, and objects that only pose artistic claims, made from textile- and waste-materials, champagne cork wire fastenings, copper wire, secondhand glass beads, silver wire.

Texts, touching the bottom of our hearts, accompany the pictures.

Mascha MioniJewelry, citations
Carlos RiederFotos, book design
Martina RiederInterviews, texts
Chantal RenéStyling
Heiner GraafhuisAssistence
Gisela Künzli-HuberLectorate


Quantity per piece CHF 76.00 / EUR 70.00

Art to Wear 4 - Mascha Mioni

In Front of the Lens of Carlos Rieder - Textile Art Mascha Mioni

During one year Carlos Rieder banned my work into his camera. Amongst many others the two Art to Wear sculptures "Karukareb", dyed with Rooibos- (redbush-) tea or the dress "burnt earth", which was inspired by living through scrub- and forest-fires coming closer by the hour to our cottage in South Africa, or also the piece "Anna", held in in manyfold shades of deep blue, which symbolize the dark night, interpreting how darkness folds over the landscape after blazing daylight fades.

Champagne bottle fixtures are recycled as adornments.

The book is completed by a superb display of the kimonos "Phoenix" by the Kung Fu master Stefanie Kaufmann, which I colored with fifteen different natural dyes in 1995.

It is a diary of a deeply sensed way of living.

mascha mioni

vor der Kamera von Carlos Rieder - Textil Art Mascha Mioni

(text in German)

ISBN 3-9520943-7-4

greina Verlag

CHF 28.00 / Euro 25.00

Photography & Design

Carlos Rieder


Iryna Cerutti

Anna-Katherina Bagemiel

Stefanie Kaufmann


Marianne Mittelholzer, art critic


Quantity per piece CHF 28.00 / EUR 25.00

Art to Wear 3 - Mascha Mioni

This Art to Wear book shows my creations of the years 2001 to 2005; some of them came to be in a long ongoing process of creation.

The photographer Asy Asendorf, who has accompanied my work for many years with his camera, has set them in scene and interpreted them in his own way.

This book intends to inspire the viewers to give form to my art by filling it with their own understanding.

mascha mioni

Mascha Mioni

Art to Wear 3

ISBN 3-9520943-5-8

greina Verlag

CHF 28.00 / Euro 25.00

Photography Asy Asendorf

Design Antonio Huber

Styling Jolanthe Asendorf

Model Ellen Pavluk


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Art to Wear 2 - Mascha Mioni

To create a dress is taking a picture from the wall to wrap it around the human body.

Thus one changes viewpoint and meaning.

The focus shifts from an isolated object, that is viewed as "art", to an art, which is also a functional vesture.

mascha mioni

Mascha Mioni

Art to Wear 2

ISBN 3-9520943-3-1

greina Verlag

CHF 28.00 Euro 25.00

Photographer Asy Asendorf

Text Dorine Abegg Wyss

Styling Jolanthe Asendorf

Model Sandra Jahn


Quantity per piece CHF 28.00 / Euro 25.00

Art to Wear 1 - Mascha Mioni

In the Sixties a new art came to life, that called itself Art to Wear, Art expressed in clothing. Wearable Art has little to do with fashion. It begins where vestment is used to express ones personality and certain moods. You can wear Art to Wear and you can just as well drape it from the wall and look at it. Dorine Wyss (translated by the webmaster) Mascha Mioni Art to Wear 1 ISBN 3-9520943-0-7 greina Verlag CHF 28.00 / Euro 25.00 Photographer Asy Asendorf Stylists James Steyn & Patrizio Braun Models Denice Piccinini & Nadine Schoenauer


Quantity per piece CHF 28.00 / Euro 25.00

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