Mascha Mioni was born in Zurich in 1941. She spends her training years in Switzerland, France, England and Italy.

Until the beginning of the eighties, Mascha Mioni works with representational means of expression in oil and textile. From 1981 to 1984 she restores historic American quilts and through them finds her way to abstraction. At the end of the eighties her work in textile becomes more and more important. She initiates and co-founds the Art to Wear Team, Switzerland.

Mascha Mioni’s artwork is shown in exhibitions and performances in Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Slovakia, Georgia, USA, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Thailand and China. Whilst doing art clothing she also creates polychrome paintings.


2020 Feb.-Nov. Exhibition "Help, Heal, Love", oil on canvas and mixed media, OrthoCham, Zug, Switzerland
May-June Group exhibition "Beyond Boundaries" of the Surface Design Association at the Gallery High Five Art, Baarle/NL - postponed 2021
May Group exhibition of the Surface Design Association at the Textile Festival, St. Pieterskerk & Galerie ZONE, Leiden/NL - postponed 2021
2019 „Painting as an Event - Fluid Painting, Reaction of the Mirror Neurons" - exhibition postponed
2018 Oct./Nov. solo exhibition "New Days New Ways", Oil paintings together with sculptures by Lawrence McLaughlin at the gallery Pigmento, Lucerne
July - Sept, curating and participating with several installations - group exhibition "Art Textil" at the Musem Sursilvan, Trun/Grisons, Switzerland
Installation at the Group exhibition at the Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo/Japan
2017 Group exhibition at the Design Hall in Nadia Park in Nagoya, Japan
  • Dec.-Jan. 2017 Installation at the group exhibiton *Contemporary Art of Shibori and Ikat" at the 10th Internationalen Shibori Symposium, Centro de las Artes San Agustin, Oaxaca/Mexico
  • Dec. (ongoing) Atelier Exposition, Meggen, Switzerland - paintings in oil on canvas
  • March - June 20, exhibition of new works in oil on canvas:
    "Kunst durch die Blume - Mascha Mioni, Meggen" at Flowerevents, Meggen
  • July: solo exhibition mixed media, together with sculptures by Lawrence McLaughlin, at the Galerie im Zoepfli, Lucerne
  • Oct.-Nov. two installations at the group exhibition at the 9th International Shibori Symposium "Contemporary Art of Shibori and Ikat Exhibition" at the China National Silk Museum, Hangzhou/China
  • Oct-Nov. artist in residence at the Jin Ze Art Center, Shanghai/China
  • Dec-Feb. 2015, group exhibition "mnemonikos: Art of Memory in Contemporary Textiles", at the Fashion Gallery of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Aug.-Feb. 2014 Group exhibition "mnemonikos: Art of Memory in Contemporary Textile" with Ana Lisa Hestrom, Caroline Bartlett, Kinor Yang, Marie-Hélène Gueltron, Yoshiko I. Wada et al. at the Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand
  • April Mixed media paintings together with sculptures by Lawrence McLaughlin, at the Bareiss Gallery, Taos/NM, USA
  • Aug. Curator of Lawrence McLaughlin's solo exhibition at the Museum Sursilvan, Trun/Grisons, Switzerland
  • Sept. Studio exhibition and presentation of the new book: "mascha mioni TextilArt vor der Kamera von Carlos Rieder"
    together with Carlos Rieder, at the studio, Meggen/Lucerne
  • Dec. Shibori-Artworkat ther Wearable Art - exhibition of the Hong Kong Design Institute Gallery - 8th Intl. Shibori Symposium
  • March Shibori-Artwork together with eight world-wide reknown artists (Yoshiko I. Wada, Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Junichi Arai, ...) at the ITC Fashion Gallery of Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • June Installation "The Big Connection" on the Art Trail along the Rhine, Trun/Grisons
  • Juli Curation of the exhibition of the painter Heidi Luft, Dusseldorf/D together with scuptor Lawrence McLaughlin at the studio in Meggen, Lucerne
  • Oil paintings, together with sculptor Lawrence McLaughlin at the galleria d'art RdeC, Disentis-Mustér/Grisons
  • Oil paintings, together with sculptor Lawrence McLaughlin at Flowerevents, Meggen/Lucerne
  • Aarbergerhus Ligerz, room installation at the group exhibition "Körperhüllen"
  • Intl. Shibori Symposium, Musée du Quai Branly, Paris/F, Performance
  • Oil paintings, together with Lawrence McLaughlin at the ancient Church St. Etienne, Gallery of the city of Beaugency/F
  • Solo-exhibition at the Museum Sursilvan, Trun/Grisons, "Bild + Kleid"
  • Oil paintings, art Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe/D
  • Studio-exhibition Meggen/Lucerne, oil paintings, together with wood sculptures by Els Gassmann-Nijskens, Buchs/LU

Compagnie Irene K. "[x-mal Kleid]" tours Europe performing with Art to Wear by Mascha Mioni

  • Shibori-Artwork, Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo
  • Shibori Art to Wear, Gallery Concept 21, Tokyo
  • "Engel", Textile Museum St. Gallen
Third book "Art to Wear" by Mascha Mioni is published
  • Center of Fashion le Parker Meridien, New York, USA
  • International Shibori Symposium, Melbourne, Australia, Performance
  • TEXT-ile Objects, Flux, Central and University Library of Lucerne
  • Serendipity Gallery, Sarasota, Florida/USA
  • Studio-exhibiton oil-paintings together with iron sculptures of Werner Bitzigeio, Winterspelt/D & sculptures of Lawrence McLaughlin/Phoenix, USA
  • Swiss National Museum Zurich, "Fashionation", Performance
  • International Shibori Symposium, Harrogate/UK, Performance

eight group-exhibitions with the Kunstforum International (KFI)
among others:

  • Galerie Del Mese, Meisterschwanden
  • Expo Arte, Bari/I
  • Istituto Universitario, Rome/I
  • Art Wien/Austria
  • Kunstmesse Salzburg/Austria

nine month travelling and working in South Africa, Namibia & India inspire the exhibitions:

  • "Neue Bilder" at the Galerie in der Loft, Dietlikon
  • "Textil im Schloss" in Greifensee
Second book "Art to Wear" by Mascha Mioni is published
  • 1+1....experimentelles Kunsthandwerk, Kornhaus Bern
  • Group-exhibition "Textil im Schloss", Greifensee

Curating the exhibition Katazome of Shinzo Kajiwara at the Textile Museum St. Gallen


Founding of the Greina Verlag
First book "Art to Wear" by Mascha Mioni is published

1994-1995 Katazome workshops with Shinzo Kajiwara, Tokyo
1993-1998 International Textile exhibitions:
  • Dom Umenia, Bratislawa, Slovakia
  • Textile Museum Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Unesco, Paris
1993 Solo exhibition World Economic Forum WEF, Davos Congress Center
1991 Solo exhibition "Art on the Neck", Textile Museum, St. Gallen
1989 Initiiator and co-founder of the Art to Wear-Team
exhibitions (among others):
  • Gallery del Mese, Meisterschwanden
  • Gallery Smend, Cologne/Germany
  • Villa am Aabach, Uster
  • Art Center, Auburne, New York/USA
  • „Interart", Textile Museum St. Gallen
  • „Fuku" (Kimonos), Villette, Cham
1988-1999 Solo exhibitions of textile art:
  • Textile Museum, St. Gallen
  • sato, Zurich
  • Gallery Fedjuschin, Zurich
  • Gallery in der Loft, Dietlikon/ZH
1988 1st presentation of painting on silk at the Landhaus, Solothurn
from 1977 onward every year solo and group exhibitions of oil paintings in Swiss galleries